Colourlab brings consistency and beautiful image quality to your film – in an instant.
You deserve complete creative freedom and for that, you need complete control.

Our in-house Hollywood color scientists have worked tirelessly to make sure your color science is taken care of – saving your energy for the finishing touches only you’re capable of.

Color grading is no longer a secret kept by Hollywood. Now you have the chance to apply color grading techniques usually kept for high-end productions – all automated by AI.

Transition between SDR and HDR effortlessly. Build your own Looks from scratch or choose from an infinite LUT library.

Colourlab is the secret weapon behind the best filmmaking and content creation.

And you have the chance to try it, right now, for free

給「生意老闆」訂閱的最新 AI 資訊

了解更多與生意有關的 AI 資訊 ,助生意更高效地發展

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